If you have money invested in retirement accounts, CDs, annuities, stocks, bonds, life insurance, money markets, or real estate – this is an event you don’t want to miss!

You and a guest are invited to join us for a Complimentary Dinner Event:

Maximizing Your Retirement & Tax Strategies

Rodizio Grill

Sept. 27th & 28th at 6PM

200 Jefferson St. •  Fort Collins

Join TW Retirement as we discuss tax-free income options, retirement income life-long strategies, and retirement savings protection for retirees. 


Ever wonder if there are ways to protect your 401(k), IRA or retirement savings assets from losses? Looking for ways to increase your retirement income and reduce your tax liability? Then, this dinner event is for you!

In this no-cost, no-obligation dinner event, we’ll discuss:

Market Volatility

  • Historical market trends – could they impact you?
  • Alternatives to “riding the waves” of the market
  • Retirement in a post-pandemic world 
  • Risk analysis and risk tolerance

We will also discuss:

Maximizing Your Retirement Income

  • Financial products that may provide lifetime guaranteed income
  • Insurance Vs.Investments: how the rules differ
  • Key factors in choosing a tax-deferred income strategy
  • Selecting reasonable rates of return

Learn about:

Protecting Your Retirement - Now & In The Future

  • Protecting your money, no matter what happens in the market
  • Options for beneficiaries
  • Potential spousal income benefits
  • Methods to protect your principal from market loss

And Discover:

Why “Safe Money” Matters

  • The red line/green line graph & how it could change your overall retirement 
  • Possible ways to enhance your income
  • Ways to protect and grow your money, tax-deferred
  • Market volatility and how to reduce its effects on your money
This session is offered exclusively to pre-retirees and retirees.  Get informed and learn your options now. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tom Watson

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CO Lic #510326
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