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Our 3 Core Principles

3 Principles for Retirement Income Strategy

To retire successfully, you need a solid retirement income strategy. Our strategy is based on three key guiding principles: Safety, a Reasonable Rate of Return**, and Keeping it Simple. Let us help you retire confidently.

Discover what these foundational concepts are below:

Safety First

Make sure your assets are protected

RRR. Reasonable Rate of Return**

Generate a reasonable return**

Keeping it Simple

An effective retirement strategy should not be complicated.

Safety First

Protecting your principal is one of our highest priorities. Your retirement income should last throughout your lifetime.

You have several options for implementing your retirement income strategy. You will likely invest more money in the  market in your early career years in “earning mode.” This is because you can embrace more risk when you’re not reliant on your retirement money at the time. You may even opt for a “buy and hold” retirement income strategy.

Stock markets have peaks and valleys. Even if the value drops while you are working, you may still be able to recover your losses before you retire. Having said that, once you reach retirement age, you have less time to recover your losses. This may lead you to seek alternatives with lower risks. As you approach retirement, it becomes increasingly important to protect your assets.

We focus on protecting the principal of our clients against market fluctuations. We want our clients to be aware of all their options so they can effectively choose what’s suitable for them.

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Reasonable Rate of Return**

In addition to preserving your money, having a reasonable return** (RRR) is also important. Traditional financial vehicles usually offer disappointing returns. Often, typical financial products will not provide retirees with sufficient retirement income. Although your money is safe, it may not cover all your expenses. These types of retirement income strategies don’t suit the needs of most clients. 

However, TW Retirement Strategies specializes in providing clients with protection and a reasonable return** (RRR). Through our strategies, our clients often see an increase in interest when indexes rise. On the other hand, if the market is down, they do not lose money. 

A reasonable rate of return** (RRR) can be obtained with the right retirement income strategy. Fixed index annuities (FIAs), for example, offer indexed interest while keeping your money secure. While interest rates fluctuate, FIAs provide interest rates of 3 to 6% over the long run. Our strategy gives our clients protection as well as a reasonable rate of return** over time. 

Retirement STRATEGIES Can Be Simple

Your retirement income strategy should not be complicated. How can you comfortably retire if you’re concerned about preserving your finances and the fluctuations of the market? Planning for retirement can be simple with the right strategy. 

We understand that every client’s needs and financial circumstances are different. You don’t have to pick between these three values. It is possible to have all three. Get in touch with us to help you explore retirement options that will suit your needs.

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