Strategies for Saving
for Retirement

TW Retirement Strategies focuses on helping retirees create lifetime income* and protect their financial future. We take a custom approach, not a one size fits all approach.
Our Core Principles
Our model may not be for everyone. However, we're for anyone who places saving for retirement as a priority.

Based on this focus, our strategy consists of 3 main areas:


Keep your money safe by protecting your principal

Rate of Return

Gain a reasonable rate of return**


Make sure that your retirement strategy is simple

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About TW Retirement Solutions 

We work with retirees to ensure lifetime income. Tom Watson, founder of TW Retirement Strategies, has been in financial services for over 19 years. He enjoys spending time with clients and helping them design retirement strategies tailored to their needs. They appreciate his honest, straightforward approach and the fact that he puts their  interests first. 

Safeguarding Your Money

A major concern for retirees is whether they can live off of their retirement money for the rest of their life. The good news is that there are ways to protect what you’ve worked for from loss while earning a reasonable return.** It starts with developing a solid retirement strategy. We can help you learn about options that are available to help protect your assets and reach your goals.

What Makes TW Retirement Solutions Unique?

Our team is highly skilled and committed to putting the client's needs first.

To meet each client’s needs, we offer strategies that focus on saving for retirement. We help retirees achieve their long-term financial goals through the use of our products. Financial safety, providing a reasonable rate of return** over time, and simplifying things is our goal.

We can help you with your retirement options. It’s our goal to invest in your retirement and financial success. We are a reliable team dedicated to helping you succeed throughout retirement. 

Keep Your Money Safe

Perhaps during your working years, you took on greater risk despite the highs and lows of the stock market. As you near retirement, you may start to seek options and keys to saving for retirement. Therefore, securing your principal becomes imperative. We help you plan a financial strategy that protects your retirement money.

Obtain ‘RRR’

It is possible to generate a reasonable rate of return (RRR)** with the right strategy. Some annuities such as fixed index annuities or life insurance policies offer both principal protection and a reasonable return**. Our goal is to help you protect your money while earning a reasonable return.**

Simple Retirement Strategy

Finances can be complicated, but your retirement doesn't have to be. Our strategies are designed to help our clients reach a reasonable rate of return** on their investment.

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Plan Your Future For Success

You deserve protection for the earnings you have made over the years. Our team will present you with different options to help you reach your goal of having enough retirement money that will last you a lifetime.

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