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Retirement Spending

Many people nearing retirement make the mistake of just “guessing” their retirement income needs rather than actually calculating what they’ll need to support their retirement ...
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Best Places to Retire in 2024

We read an article recently examining more than 800 locations in America, comparing everything from housing costs to taxes to health care, air quality, and ...
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How Would You Answer the Question? 

Nobel laureate, the late Daniel Kahneman, proposed a question; “How does the experience of a loss compare with the experience of a gain?” There were ...
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Financial Stability

A big part of planning for your retirement future is accounting for the “what-ifs.” No matter how careful anyone is, unexpected changes can occur: accidents, ...
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Fine-Tuning Your Retirement

It’s been a while since the Secure Act of 2022 came about, but it’s time to refocus on its impact in 2024. Did you know ...
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Financial Conflict Between Couples 

Strategists who work with couples have found there to be a few conflicts that are most common between them. Different priorities: financial management done predominately ...
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What Happens? 

We’ve been asked a few questions regarding what happens to those portions of your estate that aren’t treated consistently with what you say in your ...
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Roth IRA Vs Traditional IRA

Having just taken a look at your traditional IRA, you may be wondering if the time is now to convert it to a Roth IRA.  ...
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It’s That Time of Year

It’s usually around this time of year, when individuals are preparing paperwork for filing their tax returns, that we are asked what the deadlines for ...
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